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Understanding Pain

There has been a huge amount of research in recent times into understanding pain and this has led to great progress into changing our beliefs about pain and therefore changing our techniques in managing and treating pain.

For example, did you know there is no good link between posture and pain? For the large majority of injuries complete rest is NOT recommended? Tendon injuries largely don’t have inflammatory cells (therefore anti-inflammatories don’t work!). And that the largest percentage of abnormal findings found on scans, such as disc bulges, are most often normal changes which do not cause symptoms!

Another really important point to know is that simply by understanding pain a little better and changing some incorrect beliefs about your pain, you can significantly reduce your pain and improve your quality of life! So let the learning begin!
Below is a selection of resources, videos, websites and content to help you better understand up to date information on pain and assisting you on your road to recovery.

Website Links

Useful evidence based information and skills to assist in management of persistent pain including: Understanding pain, CRPS, back pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and ankylosing spondylitis.


Consumer information from Therapeutic Goods Administraion (TGA) regarding Codine, factsheets, FAQ’s and useful links.


Recognise App - For left and right discrimination brain training. Versions available for foot, hand, back, neck, shoulder and knee. Available here



Brainman – What is chronic pain

Brainman – Chronic pain and Opiods

Brainman chooses

10 Facts about exercise and back pain

Back pain: seperating Fact from Fiction – Prof Peter O’Sullivan

Why Things hurt – Lorimer Moseley TEDtalk

Tame the beast

Treating pain using the brain – David Butler

Explain Pain 2nd Ed

Explain Pain 2nd EdNoigroup Publications (2013)

Author(s): Dr David S. Butler and Prof G. Lorimer Moseley

Explain Pain Supercharged

Explain Pain SuperchargedNoigroup Publications (2017)

Author(s): Prof G. Lorimer Moseley and Dr David S. Butler

The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer

The Explain Pain Handbook: ProtectometerNoigroup Publications (2015)

Author(s): Prof G. Lorimer Moseley and Dr David S. Butler

Rewire your pain

Rewire your painPainless Health (2015)

Author(s): Stephanie Davies, Nicholas Cooke and Julia Sutton