We have temporarily cancelled online bookings

Please call us so we can make arrangements for the best option for you to see a Physiotherapist

(08) 9842 2759

Phone consults available | TeleHealth / video available 


When visiting, please stay in your car in the carpark and we will come out to you and stay 1.5m away

We are still offering “in clinic Physiotherapy”  only if essential (we will decide)

Taping & How to Videos

Ankle Strapping with Annie Judd

MCL Knee taping with Dave Scriven

Thumb taping with Emma Walls

Knee Cap taping with Meg Oakley

Rocktape Neck taping

Rocktape ‘Tennis elbow’ taping

Rocktape Achilles taping

Rocktape Shoulder taping

Rocktape Calf Muscle taping

Rocktape Knee taping