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Bodycare Physiotherapy offers one of the most comprehensive range of treatments available in the Great Southern Region. Contact us to discuss your situation and which treatment approach would be best for you.


ACL rehab Ankle Sprains
Antenatal and Postnatal services Arthritis
Back problems Balance and vestibular eg. Vertigo, BPPV
Chronic pain Complex Regional Pain syndrome
Headaches Hip Injuries
Incontinence Joint injuries (Everything from the Jaw to your little toe)
Knee Injuries Neck pain
Nerve related pain Ie. Sciatica, pins, needles and numbness. Running Injuries
Post operative rehabiltation Eg. Hip/Knee replacements Shoulder Injuries
Sporting injuries (Eg. Ligament sprains and Muscle strains) Womens health
Mens health Ie. Post prostatectomy Elbow pain
Wrist & hand injuries Pelvic pain


Bodycare physiotherapists provide the latest in evidence based treatment approaches. This may include but is not limited to:

  • “Hands on” manual therapy
  • Dry needling
  • Electrotherapy
  • Programming return to Sport or Work plans
  • Education and advice
  • Exercise prescription
  • Taping
  • Use of supports and devices
  • Chronic pain and brain retraining techniques

Includes physical hands on techniques such as massage, joint mobilisations, manipulations, stretching and assisted movements. Generally, this is to improve movement and reduce pain. Manual therapy typically targets the muscles, nerves and joints but has effects on many of the body’s systems. Manual therapy will often be used early in injury management and is normally weaned off in favour of exercise and strengthening as the timeline of your injury increases.


Dry needling is western medicines approach to traditional acupuncture. DN involves inserting acupuncture needles into tight bands in a muscle with the aim of reducing pain and improving the function of the muscle. DN is well recognised as being particularly helpful in musculoskeletal medicine and pain management. DN is an adjunct therapy that is normally used to compliment other physiotherapy techniques and exercise management.

DN requires an additional qualification to a Physiotherapy degree. All of the Physiotherapists at Bodycare Physiotherapy are qualified to provide dry needling treatment.


Electrotherapy may include electronic muscle stimulation, TENS, Interferential and Ultrasound machines. These all play a role in reducing pain, reducing inflammation, reducing stiffness, improving the metabolism surrounding an injury and/or stimulating muscle activity in a struggling muscle group. Electrotherapy will usually give a buzzing or tingling sensation and may cause the muscle to unconsciously contract. Your physiotherapist will ask you a number of questions to determine if electrotherapy would be suitable and beneficial to you.


Exercise management is one of the most important and effective interventions we have for treating many pathologies and injuries of the body. Utilising the correct exercise at the right time, as well as gradually progressing the exercise is the key to maximising improvements and effectiveness. Exercise management may come in the form of some home exercises provided by your physiotherapist or with participation in one of our many exercise classes or groups. We currently run exercise groups in Pilates, Hydrotherapy and in Gym based rehab classes, as well as some specific groups for particular conditions such as  COPD – Better Breathers Group and Post-surgical hydrotherapy groups.


Womens Health, Mens Health & Incontinence

This specialised area of physiotherapy requires a post graduate physiotherapy qualification. We are lucky to have Specialist Physiotherapist Emma Walls at Bodycare, to provide diagnosis, treatment and management strategies for these patients. Emma will see people with a range of complaints such as:


  • Pelvic floor problems
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Post operative gynae surgeries
  • Pelvic girdle pain, among various other problems.
  • Incontinence
  • Pre and post natal care
  • Post operative prostatectomy

Physiotherapists use real time ultrasound to view important muscles that support and stabilize the body. It is especially useful in visualising muscles during a contraction to gauge the effectiveness and amount of muscle activity. Corrective exercises and a treatment plan can then be planned based on visualising which specific muscles may need working on.

The process is simple and painless. For an ultrasound assessment of your pelvic floor muscles you will be required to wear loose fitting clothes and have a reasonably full bladder before we start. This will ensure that the ultrasound result is clear for you and the physiotherapist to view.

Balance Disorders

Steve Sweeney specialises in the assessment and treatment of vertigo and vestibular (inner ear) problems. This is a specialty area best managed by physiotherapists like Steve who have additional training and qualifications. With sudden onset vertigo he is able to help with specific exercises that enable the system to compensate and stop the vertigo and imbalance.

You may need 3 or 4 sessions for a progressive home programme, in order to help the brain adapt to the mismatched signals. However often patients have an immediate improvement in symptoms.

The aim is to get back to normal activity as soon as possible and reduce downtime from work, sport and daily life.

BPPV – Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

BPVV is one such inner ear problem seen most commonly at Bodycare Physiotherapy. BPPV can occur from time to time, increasing in likelyhood as we age. BPPV is the episodic vertigo (a sensation of the room spinning and inability to balance) that occurs when you move your head in a certain position. It typically occurs when sitting up from lying or rolling whilst in bed.

This problem is caused by small calcium crystals getting into the inner ear canals, which then stimulate a reflex, causing you to feel like the room is spinning around you. Which particular movement causes your symptoms will depend on which canal is affected.

A thorough assessment is therefore required to work out where the calcium crystals are causing the problem in order to then choose the correct technique to resolve the problem. Often it takes only one treatment to get the calcium crystals back out of the inner ear canals.

Vestibular / Balance Disorders

Don’t just return to sport, return to performance

The team at Bodycare Physiotherapy are passionate about our sporting communities in the Great Southern. We place a large emphasis on getting our athletes back on court as soon as possible, as well as returning to a high level of performance.

Collectively our physiotherapists have a large range of experience including post graduate training in sports physiotherapy, sports science degrees, experience managing game day physiotherapy, and experience interstate and internationally treating sporting populations and working in elite sporting clinics.

In addition to treatment in clinic, we enjoy engaging with sporting clubs and groups to offer a number of programs for you to gain an edge on the competition. Contact us to discuss the possibility of Physiotherapist presentations to your team or association, regarding sporting performance, strength and conditioning, injuries and best recovery techniques. In addition to strength and conditioning programs we can also provide injury screening sessions with your team and individual screenings including running assessments.

We have a team who are as passionate about participating in sports as we are with treating sports injuries. Therefore we understand how important it is for you to get back to your sport as soon as possible.


Workplace rehab & screening

Bodycare physiotherapy can assist with workplace related pre-employment screening, as well as rehabilitation of workplace injuries.

Workplace Injury

We have a large scope of practice and can offer rehabilitation from acute treatment and hydrotherapy, to later stage return to work strength training. We have an experienced team of physiotherapists who are up to date with current best practice and the biopsychosocial model of care. We are happy to provide care under both early intervention and WorkCover WA pathways.

Pre-employment physical screening

We are experienced with providing pre-employment medical screenings for local employers over many years. Bodycare has a fully equipped gymnasium for assessment of lifting capacity, grip strength, range of motion and cardiovascular fitness testing. On most occasions, we will be able to provide same week appointments with same day returned correspondence regarding the screening results of your potential employee.

Pilates is a unique well-being and conditioning exercise programme. It is a fantastic way to retrain and improve movement, increase body awareness, improve flexibility and strength, de-stress and among many other benefits it’s FUN! Pilates’ huge appeal is that it is highly adaptable and safe for all ages, body types and fitness levels. It is used by leading medical professionals and is well suited to both injured and healthy people. Specialised Pilates equipment such as reformers and trapeze tables are used in addition to exercise balls, fit circles, toning balls and floor exercises. Typically, a major focus is placed on developing the strength of core stability muscles, although a greater emphasis is placed on doing this with whole body movements and functional exercise. See below for our current timetable of Pilates classes.


Gym rehab classes

A physiotherapy assessment is required before attending one of our exercise classes, in order to choose the most specific class and target your exercises to YOU. Classes include:
Exercise & Rehab classes – beginners, intermediate and advanced.


Exercise & Rehab classes – beginners, intermediate and advanced.

These classes generally include a warm-up, stretches and the use of various gym and pilates based equipment. This may include Pilates reformers, weights, fitballs, treadmill, exercise bike, cross trainer, rowing ergo, steps and more. You will be guided through a circuit style class and supervised at all times.

Joint replacement classes

Specific classes to progress balance, strength and normalise your walking pattern to assist patients following total hip and total knee replacements. See below for our current timetable of rehab classes

B-well is a Bodycare funded and run initiative providing a free exercise class and support group for patients who have recently completed or are currently undergoing cancer treatment. The program involves a gym based exercise class, a hydrotherapy pool session, and a support/discussion group. The purpose is to introduce exercise in a safe and supportive environment to empower people to start and continue their own program for longevity and ongoing health. Current research supports exercise as the greatest intervention to minimise treatment and related side effects and improve quality of life. Contact us to enrol in B-well.

B-Well typically runs on Thursday’s from 1:00pm – 3:00pm during each school term.

Program is subject to change please contact us for more information.

B-well @ Bodycare Physiotherapy