We have temporarily cancelled online bookings

Please call us so we can make arrangements for the best option for you to see a Physiotherapist

(08) 9842 2759

Phone consults available | TeleHealth / video available 

When visiting, please stay in your car in the carpark and we will come out to you and stay 1.5m away

We are still offering “in clinic Physiotherapy”  only if essential (we will decide)


Bodycare Physiotherapy highly values being a close part of, and supporting, our community in Albany and the Great Southern. We have many long lasting friendships and pride ourselves on caring for each individual and taking a real interest in our patients lives.

We have and will continue to support various groups who enrich our community or need some assistance. Please contact us if you would like to discuss our possible involvement with your group or club.

B-well @ Bodycare Physiotherapy

B-well is a Bodycare funded and run initiative providing a free exercise class and support group for patients who are have recently completed or are currently undergoing cancer treatment.

The program involves a gym based exercise class, a hydrotherapy pool session, and a support/discussion group. The purpose is to introduce exercise in a safe and supportive environment to empower people to start and continue their own program for longevity and ongoing health.

Current research supports exercise as the greatest intervention to minimise treatment and related side effects and improve quality of life. Contact us to enrol and see if B-Well is suitable for you.